Malaysians ANNOYED At Aina Abdul’s New OUTFIT On National Television 

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Aina Abdul
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @joulcapik

Malaysian celebrities like Aina Abdul can be a little eccentric and eclectic when it comes to their fashion choices. For the most part, a quirky or unique dress would not cause drama, however, it seems that netizens do not like that she is blocking the audience with her entire ensemble. 

Aina Abdul’s outfit 

It went to a point where some netizens are calling her narcisistic due to her clothing choices. The netizen adds that she is merely doing this for the attention that she will receive. Furthermore, netizens are annoyed at her due to the fact that a similar complaint was made regarding her outfit, and she still proceeds to dress extravagantly. 

Regardless, it is merley speculation when it comes to her actual intentions behind wearing said outfit. There could be other reasons on why she chose to wear such pieces that can block the view for others. 

Netizens are stating that they no longer want to support Aina Abdul’s music due to her behavior. Others state that the celebrity is now “plain rude.” There are talks on boycotting the show that she is currently on. However, we will have to wait and see what is the full outcome out of all of this.

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Aina Abdul
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @joulcapik

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