Netizens Expressing SUPPORT To Grab Driver, Saying RM3 Cancelation Is NOT New Scam 

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One netizen expressed his dismay towards certain drivers from the Grab app, where they would request passengers to cancel their fare. Unfortunately for the passengers, they will be charged RM3 if they choose to cancel any fare. The netizen stated that this is a scam that is used by drivers. However, others are stating the contrary. 

Grab driver defended by netizens on Twitter 

Other drivers state that the app will not take RM3 from your wallet if you cancel the trip before the driver is even half way through you. Furthermore, the user states that the RM38 fare is a lot for most drivers, and they would usually have solid reasons if they are requesting for a cancellation. 

The netizen who posted the content is receiving backlash from other users who state that he should not engage in such postings over RM3. Matters such as these can be investigated by Grab upon the customer’s request. Most users tend to reach an agreement with the app as a solid investigation will be done. 

Some users state that drivers leaving their order system on even when they are on leave/not working for that period of time. Hence, such incidents may occur if this is said to be true. However, the netizen states that other drivers told him that they should be more diligent enough in order to turn it off. 

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