Falling Metal Beam Pierces a Hole in a Roof. Scary!

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falling metal beam
Photo does not show the metal bar piercing the roof

On May 28, 2023, there was an incident at Pandan Valley, Singapore, where metal debris fell from a height. The debris consisted of large metal beams with sharp edges, piercing a hole in a roof. Fortunately, no one was injured, although there were residents walking nearby at the time.

Hole in Roof

The impact of the falling metal beam was significant enough to damage the roof of a ground floor unit. The incident attracted a large crowd and residents suspect that the metal pieces may have been intentionally pushed out of a higher floor window.

Falling Metal Beam

This is not the first time residents have encountered such incidents, and the authorities have yet to confirm if it was an act of mischief, attempted assault, or a structural defect. The article first appeared on Mothership.

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