KL-Sentral’s New redONE Name Reminding Netizens Of LADY GAGA

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It seems that our LRT and MRT stations are up for grabs, if the company has enough dough. It is completely fine, as it can most definitely be used as a marketing strategy, making the consumers think of your brand every time they step on the train. However, Malaysians are now finding it as a liking to Lady Gaga, due to the Red One name being mentioned in her song. 

KL-Sentral redONE reminds netizens of Lady Gaga

Now it seems that netizens are remembering a blast from the past, Lady Gaga’s Just Dance as the beginning part of the song does mention another singer/songwriter called RedOne. It is not clear if these two redONEs are interconnected to each other or not, as the Malaysian one is a prepaid phone company. 

Netizens are still adamant in calling the station as its designated name, KL Sentral. A company spending millions to change its name may stick around, but it is not going to be instant. Others are thinking that there will be a time where another company will offer a better deal, and thus the name may change again. 

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