MACC Receives Documents from Rashdan Yusof on PN-Gambling Company Link

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Penjana Funds MACC, home ministry
Misappropriation of Penjana Funds, 47 Company Directors Arrested

A businessperson has handed over documents containing alleged evidence of a connection between PN (Perikatan Nasional) and a gambling company to the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission). This action comes shortly after the government stated that the MACC had not initiated an investigation due to insufficient evidence

MACC receiving documents linking PN and gambling 

The businessperson, named Rashdan Yusof, visited the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya and underwent questioning for approximately three hours. Rashdan emphasized that the information he possesses is supported by specific documents, which he submitted to the anti corruption agency for further investigation. Denying any affiliation with political parties or NGOs, Rashdan’s involvement adds intrigue to the ongoing allegations. 

The dispute stems from Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s assertion that a portion of PN’s funding for GE15 originated from a gambling company involved in special draws. However, Minister Azalina Othman Said explained that the MACC did not pursue an investigation as the available information was deemed too vague for verification. 

This disagreement has fueled criticism and counter-accusations between PN leaders and Anwar. Despite the controversy, Anwar remains resolute in his claim, asserting its foundation in evidence.

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Penjana Funds MACC
Misappropriation of Penjana Funds, 47 Company Directors Arrested

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