Malaysians Approve Of NEW Inisiatif Pendapat Rakyat Vending Machines

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black and red coca cola, vending machine
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It appears that netizens are approving of having more vending machines in Malaysia. This is due to the fact that it is economical and is helpful to those who are of a lower income. Sometimes, these devices can offer food that is priced lower than a convenience store as there are no rental charges for it. 

Vending Machines helping the economy? 

Netizens state that these initiative vending machines are used to help those who are in the B40 category to be able to afford food while on the go. Furthermore, the user states that the Japanese are using these machines and it is a way forward for many. Following that, initiatives like these will help the owners earn more money. 

One Twitter user states that he is earning RM1,000 a week from this initiative. He then states that after expenses are deducted, he earns about RM500 a week. Another user states that the government will handle the device for two years, the money needed is solely for the items in the vending machine.

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black and red coca cola vending machine
Photo by Marc Noorman on Unsplash

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