RM71 Bil New Investment in Malaysia From Jan-March 2023

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Malaysia attracs more investment in the service sector
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In 1Q23, Malaysia secured RM71.4 billion in approved investments, reaffirming its appeal as an FDI destination. MIDA approved 1,265 projects, set to create 23,977 new jobs across manufacturing, services, and primary sectors.

FDI Exceeds DDI

FDI exceeded DDI, accounting for RM37.5 billion or 52.5% of total approved. The services sector led with RM53.6 billion or 75.1% of the total, showing an impressive 226.8% year-on-year growth compared to 1Q22. The sector’s 1,058 projects are expected to generate 12,051 new job opportunities.

More Investment

Manufacturing also attracted significant FDI, totaling RM15.6 billion or 21.8% of the total approved businesses.

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