Why Are TECH Companies Now Moving To Kuala Lumpur and NOT Cyberjaya? 

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Cyberjaya was built with the full purpose in mind that tech companies will flourish in this new founded area. Unfortunately, unlike Kuala Lumpur, the area is lacking in accessibility, only having one recent MRT station. For being a forward thinking, futuristic city, it lacked what every one of them had, public transportation. 

Why are they moving to Kuala Lumpur? 

One netizen states that TikTok has their headquarters in KL Sentral, where over three thousand employees are working at. The user adds that most tech companies are opting for offices in Kuala Lumpur simply due to the accessibility and the fact that it is already well built. Furthermore, imagine requiring thousands of parking spaces for only one company if it were to be in Cyberjaya. 

Another user states that all the governments have been weak for not enforcing tech companies to actually move to Cyberjaya. However, a netizen responds by saying that these high paying MNCs would gladly prefer somewhere that is efficient and is convenient for their potential workers, unlike Cyberjaya.

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high rise building during night time Kuala Lumpur
Photo by Esmonde Yong on Unsplash

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