Now, Is it ARSENAL or Man Utd to Face Man City in COMMUNITY Shield?

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Arsenal or Man Utd
Man City lost twice consecutively in the Community Shield

The Community Shield, not the favourite trophy for Pep Guardiola is to be played in August this year. Now, who Arsenal or Man Utd will play against Man City in the one-match trophy?

Community Shield

While it seems complicated, the answer lies in the hands of Erik Ten Hag and his team. Can they stop Man City from winning the famous treble that only Man Utd won? If they do beat City in the FA Cup final, they will play city again in the Shield.

Arsenal or Man Utd

If they fail to beat City, then it will be Arsenal who will play the Shield vs City. That is because Arsenal is the runners-up in the EPL and they get to play in the Shield. That is if City beats Utd in the FA Cup Final on June 3.

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Man City Crowned
Incredible. Arsenal loses and City Champions – City is the team to beat now

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