Makcik Nasi Lemak Now CHEATED Of RM100 For New Stall Umbrella That Never CAME 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @drushahoh

It is upsetting for the average Malaysian to see hard working elderly people getting cheated off their money. Apparently, this Makcik Nasi Lemak lost her stall’s umbrella. She states that the municipality will provide another one. However, a bunch of young adults decided to scam her for a new umbrella. 

Netizens sympathizing with Makcik Nasi Lemak 

Ever since the viralling of Akka Nasi Lemak, there are plenty of sellers out there that are gaining prominence. This is especially true for TikTok. Netizens are complimenting on how well she takes care of her merchandise and does not let the dust from the road come into her food. 

One netizen states that they are glad she did not give more cash to these scammers. They asked her for another RM50 the following day, to which she declined. She has been calling and texting the youngster, but unfortunately for her, it is of no help. 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @drushahoh

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