150,000 T20 Malaysians Paying 85% Of Personal INCOME TAX 

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LHDN Income Tax

This is coming as a shock towards many Malaysians as there are a growing number of wealthy individuals in the country. However, at the same time, the amount who are actually paying their income taxes are quite low. Some are stating that there are a larger number that are lumped in the “underground economy.” 

85% of personal income tax paid by 150,000 T20 Malaysians

Some are talking about the inequality of our new Malaysian society. The gaps between the lower ranking workers and the CEO are extremely huge. Senior managers are also making a lot more than their colleagues who are graduates. However, there are those who are happy that money taxed from richer individuals are going to the B40 community in the country. 

Others are criticizing the upper class in Malaysia stating that it is because of them, others are suffering. However, they are the ones paying the most taxes and they’ve reached that stature in life due to their solid educational background, stated by a netizen. Furthermore, netizens are stating that governments should encourage corporate companies to have better paying jobs. 

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LHDN Income Tax

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