Penang Now FINALLY Getting LRT As Discussions Progress 

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LRT Kelana Jaya
Image taken by Maksym Kozlenko on Wikipedia.

Malaysians are stating that we need to grow our cities that are not in the Klang Valley region. One of the main help in expanding a city is through their public transportation. Regardless, a city would definitely grow due to a new LRT line, as it will be seen as a convenience for its residents and workers. 

Penang LRT can be ready before 2030 

One netizen states that the proposal for Penang to have two lines is a little far-fetched. However, the local government decided to merge the plans into one main LRT line. The train line will be extended up to Tanjung Bungah. Furthermore, the project will begin this year, with an expected completion before 2030. 

Another person complained about the 300m distance from the Penang Airport station to the actual airport. However, there are comments stating that a new Mitsui outlet mall will be linking the two buildings together. Regardless, it is still unclear when the mall would be ready. 

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Image taken by Maksym Kozlenko on Wikipedia.

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