PH-BN Coalition Now MORE POPULAR Option Among MALAYS Over PN 

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It is not surprising that the new PH-BN coalition government is garnering more support from all groups in Malaysia. One post done by the Parti Keadilan Rakyat on Facebook states that 44% of Malays and 56% of non-Malays state they will vote for the coalition government. However, only 26% of Malays and 17% non-Malays are willing to vote for PN. 

PH-BN stronger together? 


However, some are stating that we would have to wait and see until the actual election results to see whether PH-BN would be as popular as they think it is. It seems some PN supporters are flooding the page stating that their political alignment will win the next election. However, that is a long time to come. 

On Twitter, there are those who are openly disliking PH and BN, but at the same time are asking what PAS politician did the job right. The replies are showing merely the faces of PN members and their respective court dates for corruption. The caption reads that there are thousands and millions, implying that it is Ringgit stolen from the country. 

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