Riders Now Finding Bananas In Shopee Parcel? 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @twtbiy

When ordering items from Shopee, generally one would think you’re buying a cute accessory or some basic non-perishable necessities. Regardless, it is still peculiar to find an actual fruit in one of the standard shipping packaging. However, some netizens are finding it peculiar that these riders are opening the packages of their customers. 

Riders finding bananas in Shopee parcel?

Netizens are asking questions regarding the whole ordeal as they feel it is unethical for riders to examine the parcels that they are delivering. Others state that now they know why their items ordered sometimes can be broken. It is the mishandling of the parcels by the delivery people. However, we do not know the full story about this. 

Others state that they are not willing to shop at Shopee due to their ridiculous delivery fees. They are saying that Lazada is a better option as they deliver their goods fast and cheap. Significantly cheaper than what Shopee would charge. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @twtbiy

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