ANOTHER New RM5,000 Chanel Shoe BROKE, Luxury Fashion Community OUTRAGED 

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Image screen shotted from TikToker @jihoonkm

At this point, the luxury community on YouTube are stating that every week, there will be a new Chanel item breaking that went viral. They’re not wrong as another TikToker posted that her beautiful brand new shoes broke after barely wearing them. Similar to the last incident, her sole fell off. 

Chanel shoes ripping apart? 


Replying to @Pelllkkk my heart is broken and now its fixed #chanelballerinas

♬ girls like me don’t cry (sped up) – thuy

The worst part is Chanel will not offer any refunds if an item you paid for breaks after a few days. They will still give you store credit though. The customer opted for an exchange in receiving a new pair of shoes, the same one, except it is half a size larger. This is due to them not having her actual size anymore. 

A similar pair of shoes selling on their official website for RM 4,860. Chanel offers limited quantities of each designs, and they vary on the region. Eg, Malaysia may have this design, but Italy might not.

Some users are stating that in some places it is actually illegal to not offer a refund option, especially for faulty items. Fashion lovers are now focusing on the quality of the item rather than the brand name. Unfortunately, in today’s world, a high price does not reflect upon the quality of said item. 

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Image screen shotted from TikToker @jihoonkm

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