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Image taken by Latest Malaysia.

It comes as a shock to many that there are those who can’t spend more than RM200 to feed an entire family for the week. Netizens are annoyed at this behavior as we all know that Malaysia is going through a rough inflation period. The man asks his wife what happened to the money she got last week, which was RM200. 

Is RM200 a week enough for your family? 

Furthermore, the wife told her husband that she will give a detailed receipt of everything she bought, and he can join her in grocery shopping to see how much everything costs. One netizen even states that it would cost her more than that to pay for her weekly routines which includes regular meetings with the aestheticians. 

One user asks whether it is a normal practice for men to bundle in their “nafkah” money along with expenditure money as well. Some state that those making RM10,000 a month can afford to do such, but those who make only RM1.5k don’t really have a choice. Regardless, netizens state that budget planning is extremely important especially for married couples. 

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Financial Ringgit, Senior Officer begging RM200
Image taken by Latest Malaysia.

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