Parents Now CRITICIZED For FORCING 6 Month Old BABY To WALK Without Walker 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @AbudiAlsagoff

There are some methods when it comes to parenting, however it appears that netizens are ready to scrutinize parents on social media. It appears that these parents are forcing their 6 month old baby to walk. Twitter users are stating that this is not good as they are still in development. 

Parents making 6 month old baby walk 

Netizens are stating that babies that age have weaker bones and should not depend on walkers alone. Many are recommending that the child start walking on their own first rather than the parents forcing them to do it earlier. There are suggestions other than walkers to make the child walk faster, but the original poster states that it is still not good. 

Some state that babies that are only a few months old can risk developing scoliosis if they are using a walker. Others are stating that 6 months is still too young for the child. Some are making jokes that a 6 month old baby should also start learning advanced mathematics if these parents are forcing theirs to walk. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @AbudiAlsagoff

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