New Rahmah Sales: CHICKEN at RM10 Se-EKOR. Big Discounts

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Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) and the Selangor government, offer significant savings of up to 30% on essential items. Chicken (weighing 1.6 kg to 2 kg) is sold for RM10 each, fish for RM6 per 900g, meat RM10 (900g), eggs RM10 per tray, rice RM10 (5kg), cooking oil RM25 (5kg) and sugar RM2.50 (1kg).

30% OFF

The programme focuses on seven basic necessities, including chicken, rice, eggs, cooking oil, fish, sugar, and frozen meat. With the JER programme, consumers can purchase items such as chicken, fish, and meat at discounted prices, while also enjoying lower prices for eggs, rice, cooking oil, and sugar.

Rahmah Sales

This Rahmah Sales initiative aims to benefit more people in Selangor by rebranding and expanding the impact of the existing Rahmah Sales and Ehsan Rakyat Sales programmes.

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