Nasi Ayam Seller UPSET At Comments TELLING Her New RM3 Price Is EXPENSIVE 

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Nasi Ayam
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @jllmisai

Previously, the Nasi Ayam seller was selling their baseline options for RM1.90. They claim to have done it for the last 20 years. However, with the rising cost and inflation that is affecting the world, she was forced to increase their prices to RM3. Unfortunately, their customers got angry at them and told her that it is overpriced. 

Nasi Ayam seller upset at comments stating her food is expensive at RM3 

For those living in the Klang Valley, we know that food is significantly more expensive than it is in other states. However, RM3 is still significantly low for most of Malaysia. Netizens claim that if they know a stall selling Nasi Ayam this cheap, they would most definitely eat it every single day. 

It appears that the seller is based in Terengganu. There are several mean and offensive comments regarding the state. However, a netizen claims that in Terengganu, an average meal would be around RM6 or 7. Customers should not complain about the low price of RM3. Unfortunately, there are people living in the state with significantly less spending power than those living in Selangor. 

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Nasi Ayam
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @jllmisai

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