Foreign Men Now FIGHTING Each Other In PETALING JAYA 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page @mynewshub

Netizens are at a loss of words when it comes to this situation. Apparently, at first it was thought that these foreign men were fighting a Malaysian but we’re told that it was among foreigners. The comments were initially brutal. However, it seems that updated information is now showing this fight was actually in between a group of foreign men. 

Foreign men fighting each other in PJ 

Twitter users are stating that some Malaysians insist that those living on the East Coast should be banned from working for Tesla. However, in the meantime we are having rough foreigners fighting on the streets in Kuala Lumpur. These sentiments are not one of unity, but one of potential superiority. 

Some even made anti-Semeitic comments stating that those in Israel used to do the same exact thing decades ago. The point is that there will always be a problem no matter where we go. Furthermore, possible police enforcement to calm down any disgruntlement should be encouraged. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page @mynewshub

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