New: Are you Malay or Chinese? DAP’s Syerleena Shares Phone Call Experience

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Photo of YB Sherleena wishing Awal Muharram to her voters of Muslim faith - Facebook

Nowadays, there are several people getting calls asking them if they are Malay, Chinese or Indian and these are probably for survey purposes. We cannot deny that in Malaysia, we have many races. Right. But, everyone is Malaysian.

The DAP MP for Bukit Bendera recently shared a tweet to her followers. It says: “Curious, how do you respond to a phone call, where when you answer, the first thing the caller asks is “Are you Malay or Chinese?”

Syerleena Shares Experience

Why are we reporting this story? It is the reactions from the audience that is intriguing. Some Twitter users thought it was a scammer who called the MP. Others were poking fun at the caller because of the race query. But they were mostly happy to reply to the YB that they would say they are ‘Malaysian’ if they get such a phone call. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should learn a lot from this episode.

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