Malaysians Now FINDING Threads “New Twitter” BORING And Understand Why They Lost 25% Of Their Users 

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Twitter and Threads - better social media for us?

Threads was first developed by Mark Zuckerberg as an alternative to Twitter. However, users world wide have seen enough of the new social media platform. It looks like Twitter is here to stay longer as many are more comfortable there instead. Furthermore, users are not surprised at the sharp decline.

Malaysians calling Threads boring 

In addition to this, Twitter users are also stating that the platform has been around for decades. Those on the platform have been using it and are pretty established on it since they were significantly younger. Threads would make anyone, no matter how famous or not, to restart from scratch. 

There are other reasons as to why threads declined severely. Some netizens claim that it could be the fact that they do not have a desktop version. Furthermore, others claim that the platform has no dark mode. Nowadays, users are very particular when it comes to small features such as this. 

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friendly place threads
Twitter and Threads – better social media for us?

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