I Love You Malaysia? Stop The Bull 1975

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I love you Malaysia, 1975 exited Malaysia
Out of Malaysia they go - Photo Twitter

In Malaysia we have the PN and the PAS in particular that says things, post things and does things that are irresponsible. They spread fake news too. Irresponsibly. After they are caught, and proven wrong, they either apologise or twist the story to blame ‘admin’.

We have seen that a lot since the last GE and it is not ending. Now we got some foreign lads who came here to entertain the youth. But what did they do? They followed the PN-PAS adage. After the damages are done, they now claim, I love you Malaysia? No kidding.

I Love You Malaysia

They should be Banned for life. And as a Twitter user put it, it was a question of choices. Either the government allowed the Good Vibes to go on today, or stop it. Stopping it means not giving PAS PN bullets to attack the government. But, these artists, irresponsible as they are, should be given a lesson. Total ban from Malaysia.

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