Titan Sub: NEW Animation Explaining Exactly How it Imploded – WATCH

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Titan Sub
Photo taken from AiTelly YouTube
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A new animation posted a few days ago on YouTube explains how the ill-fated Titan Sub imploded. It details the reasons why the sub did not survive the water pressure, for example. The animation that follows the explanation is vivid.

However, some engineers commenting on the video say the animation did not really capture the reality of the implosion. The video shows in great detail the differences between an explosion and an implosion. But it is just too slow to depict the real events, says the engineer.

The ill-fated Titan Sub

It is nearly a month after the tragic implosion of the Titan submarine on its descent into the Titanic wreck that the viral video went online. The video, posted by AiTelly, a 3D engineering animation account, details how the high hydrostatic pressure of the surrounding water caused the submersible’s violent collapse in a fraction of a millisecond.

Titan Sub

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