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Who is this guy, the one in the photo with the beard and green, blue baju and a serban on his head? Does he look like our former PM Tun Dr Mahathir? Or does he look like our new PM Tepi, Abdul Hadi Awang?

Users on Twitter are riling up about the photo of Tun Mahathir in green talking at a podium with a PAS logo in Kelantan. Mahathir urges voters to give a clean sweep of 6-0 in all six states where the PRN is taking place on August 12.

Who is this guy?

Nevertheless, in Kelantan, Hadi comes out as the smarter politician though Malaysia has an overall IQ of just 87.5. A comment we received is that Mahathir is rallying to Hadi, not the contrary. Hence, Mahathir ended his days as a PAS spokesperson after all the damages he had done to the Islamic party, its members and the states that voted for the green flag.

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