New: Man Started A FIGHT In A Restaurant After Others Told Him To NOT Smoke Inside 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

It is a peculiar trend where men are agitated when others are telling them to not smoke in the restaurant they are working in. The Malaysian law states that it is illegal for customers to smoke inside of eateries. It is a recurring problem for restaurants that are unairconditioned as typically they used to allow this. 

Man started a fight in a restaurant 

Netizens are sharing their thoughts on the matter. They state that those who smoke, should not do it in the presence of children. There are alternatives for one to smoke, which is typically outside the restaurant. Twitter users state that individuals have to be mindful of their surroundings. 

Following that, netizens are commenting on the fact that there was a woman defending the man. They are confused as to why the woman was protecting him and not the other way around. However, others state that even in Indonesia, where this is allowed in restaurants, they are still mindful towards their surroundings.

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

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