Rafizi: PH Fuel Formula Still Helping To Keep Prices Down

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Minister of Economy Rafizi Ramli says the formula he campaigned for since 2007 has helped to keep the fuel prices down. He says if not, RON95 would be RM3.10 today. He says this is what people should understand while PAS-PN supporters are attacking him on fuel prices.

Currently Malaysia has one of the cheapest fuel prices in the world. But let’s look at the region. Singapore remains the country with the highest average price of fuel in Southeast Asia. Only Vietnam and Malaysia have lower average fuel prices than Indonesia.


Rafizi also explains that in 2007, the government was planning to remove subsidy to increase oil prices. The debt of the country was managable, at RM600 million. Now the debt is almost triple, government needs all the money to fix the wrong done by the previous regimes. On the other hand, in the current state, Rafizi or PH never promised to bring down prices the day they take government in 2022. Must be reasonable lah. PH Fuel Formula is also working now.

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