Employee Earnings: Earmark 40% of Employer’s Earnings for Employees Now

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Employee Earnings
salary increase coming to Malaysia

In a bid to address the long-standing issue of stagnant wages, Minister of Economy, Rafizi Ramli, has announced a bold plan under the Unity Government. The Ministry of Economy is formulating a new government policy aimed at significantly increasing employees’ take-home pay. He said this new formula will boost salary increase that has been stagnant for decades.

Employee Earnings

Under the proposed policy, for every RM100 earned by employers, at least RM40 will be given to the employees. This will represent a significant improvement from the current situation where only around RM30 is shared. Minister Rafizi acknowledged the complexity of the task but expressed determination to prioritize the welfare of the people and ensure a better future for all. That way, there will be an increase in employee earnings.

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