New Digital Driver’s LICENSE: Netizens Now COMPLAINING About Possibly Leaving ICs With GUARDS 

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Digital Driver's LICENSE

The debate on the new digital driver’s license is ongoing among netizens on Twitter. Users are stating that certain places would require drivers or individuals to leave their driver’s license with security guards as safety measures. However, now some fear that these guards may ask for their ICs instead. 

Digital Driver’s license 

There are some users who state that they recently renewed their license and that they received a physical card. However, there are users debating on the practicality of having a physical card. Others state that having the actual card will be severely limited in the coming days as only post offices have them. 

In addition to this, there are some who are excited about having this new digital driver’s license as they would tend to misplace their cards. Furthermore, it appears that it would be easier to renew licenses now. 

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Digital Driver's LICENSE

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