What Voters Want: Fix the Economy, Jobs

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Malay Voters, disapproval DAP, fix the economy, DAP invites BN
Not All Malay Voters Are Against The Penang State Gov
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Voters in the upcoming PRN – which is expected to be highly contested – want better attention to the economy and job creation. Key issues raised by voters include area development, welfare, infrastructure, basic necessities, and waste management.

A survey called Suara Kita through MyUndi got responses from 2,400 participants, allowing voters in the mentioned states to voice their opinions about #PRN. Almost all respondents (94%) intend to vote in the upcoming PRN.

Fix the Economy

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Specific concerns in different states: Kedah (improving living standards through public facilities), Terengganu (candidate’s track record of excellent performance), Negeri Sembilan (prioritizing welfare), Kelantan (desire for change in governance), Penang (traffic congestion), and Selangor (importance of candidates being natives and State Executive Council members).

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