Netizens Now Can RELATE To ATM Machine With NO MONEY 

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ATM Machine
Image screen shotted from X user @ConfessionLocal

There are several times where our local ATM machine would be emptied out of money. This is due to those that still need cash in our mostly cashless society. There are several reasons as to that. However, netizens are being funny with the whole situation as they feel their cash is always spent on bills and payments. 

ATM machine with no money 

It appears that Lotus, the popular supermarket chain, even replied to the situation. They replied stating that if the ATM machine does not have money, it will be painful. The bigger question is when will we be fully ready for a cashless society? 

Some are stating that this machine is advanced and automated. However, it’s unable to tell its users if the money has run out for withdrawal. Some speculate that it might be due to security reasons. 

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ATM Machine
Image screen shotted from X user @ConfessionLocal

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