X Users Now ANGRY At PARENTS For Leaving CHILD LOCKED In Turned Off CAR 

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Image screen shotted from X user @arifjat

The stories of parents leaving their children in their cars are quite a problem in Malaysia. Furthermore, netizens are obviously angry at them for doing as such. Others are worried for the safety of the child as being locked in a car during our hot tropical weather is a recipe for disaster. 

Netizens ANGRY at parents for leaving child in car 

X users state that one of the reasons why this is a common occurrence is due to negligence. Following that, some state that the child should try locking their parents in the car for 40 minutes, as obviously it would be uncomfortable. Others are asking how a person could do this to their own child. 

Following that, it appears that some good samaritans broke the car’s window and brought the child to safety. Netizens are saying that they would love to see the reactions of the parents who would do this as it’s common sense to not leave one’s child in a locked car. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @arifjat

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