School Girl Had “Kau BABI” Written By Permanent Markers On Her Hands By BULLIES, Netizens Now ANGRY 

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Image screen shotted from X user @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

School bullying has always been a problem in Malaysia. There are times that it can be quite severe as some students may be severely injured in the process. However, it seems that netizens are forging strong bonds with each other in order to stop bullying in schools. 

School girl had the words “Kau Babi” written on her hand 

X users state that they would obviously step in if it were their child or younger sister. To most, this seems too far as using permanent markers to write obscenity on another person’s hand should be deemed unacceptable. Furthermore, others are mad that the place of learning are barely taking any actions towards this behavior. 

Others state that this is the reason why they would avoid sending their children to religious schools. Some are accusing these sorts of education centres of not handling discipline matters among students well. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

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