Trump Mugshot Meme Now Deemed Next Level by Musk

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Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Government_of_the_United_States
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Elon Musk, Twitter boss, deems Pres Donald Trump’s mugshot released after his Atlanta jailing ceremony as a ‘next level’ Trump Mugshot. Meanwhile, Musk’s Tweet or X post gathered a response from Mark Zuckerber Parody, asking naively why he is getting so much praise.

Trump Mugshot

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A judge in Atlanta set bail for former President at $200,000 on Monday in the new election interference case against him. Meanwhile, the ex-White House resident is using the moment to boost his campaign ti recapture the Presidency next year. Nevertheless, the judge in Atlanta warns Donald not to intimidate or threaten witnesses or any of his 18 co-defendants as a condition of the bond agreement.

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