Anwar Ibrahim’s New Dilemma: Balancing the Scales of Happiness

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As a journalist, I’ve observed an inevitable element in society: dissatisfaction with politicians. This sentiment fades only when politicians are defeated or meet people’s desires. During Umno’s nearly six-decade rule before its 2018 defeat, most people were content. 

Anwar Ibrahim balancing nation’s happiness

However, it took a coalition of parties to unseat Umno, leaving a bitter taste for PH in 2020. Today, half the population is unhappy, fearing the Anwar Ibrahim government. The regime faces both public discontent and a trust deficit, exploited by the opposition. 

Anwar’s challenge is to make over half the country happy, a Herculean task as the PN and their closest supporters strongly oppose him. Despite the unhappiness, at least 50 percent of the population supports PH. Anwar needs to work hard to retain their favor and win over segments of the opposing population.

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