What Is SHRINKFLATION? All The Brands Are NOW Doing It 

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Image screen shotted from YouTube account @dannyrayes

The rising cost of labor, inflation costs and some overly enthusiastic CEOs are the factors in this new shrinkflation phenomenon. All the common brands from energy drink brands to Tobleron are also involved with this trend. A reduction in product amount and an increase in price appears to be what is keeping these companies afloat. 

Shrinkflation, hated by the consumers 

A YouTube short explains the phenomenon. Apparently, a chewing gum company is reducing their products by 1/10 and replacing the missing gum with a “thumb grip” slot. Shrinkflation doesn’t just stop there, some instant noodle companies are also apparently shrinking their seasoning packets. 

However, the liberal belief that markets can run without strict government interference appears to be backfiring on the masses according to a YouTube commenter. Others find it disgusting that these major corporations are able to lie to their consumers and are happily getting away with it. 

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Image screen shotted from YouTube account @dannyrayes

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