Malaysians Now UNHAPPY With WOMEN And MEN As SEPARATED Audiences In UNIVERSITY Concerts 

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group of people in front of stage Malaysian entertainment
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Netizens are quite unhappy with the suggestion that both women and men are to be segregated in university concerts. Some feel that this is a strong approach to keep the genders separated from each other. Liberal Malaysians are finding this idea as preposterous. 

Malaysians unhappy with gender segregated audience for university concerts 

Others are being sarcastic towards this idea, they state that this idea should be implemented in our own home. Malaysians are feeling that this is a weird suggestion as most countries, even Indonesia do not have this gender segregated idea. 

Netizens state that we might undergo Talibanisation through our current government. However, this is merely a suggestion by the mostly religious groups. Whether or not this will actually be happening, it is unclear. But if it does happen, the clear picture of the situation is that the coalition government may lose votes. 

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group of people in front of stage Malaysian
Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

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