KFC Chicken: X User CALCULATES That It’s Now Literally CHEAPER To Buy 15 Pieces BUCKET Size Portion 

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It is a common thought that KFC has significantly increased their pricings in Malaysia. Netizens are feeling the pinch of these major price rises. The world is going through a massive inflation phase. However, there is one crafty netizen that did the math on the price differences per chicken in the chain restaurant. 

KFC Chicken, cheaper to buy the big bucket option 

It seems that you’d save over 26% per chicken if you chose the 15 piece bucket set over the regular 2 piece chicken. It is quite a substantial price difference in the long run. Netizens suggest that people share among each other while in the restaurant as they will be able to save together. 

Others state that Uncle Jack’s chicken is still way cheaper than KFC. However, will the Kentucky chicken last after all these major price increases and long waiting times in order to fulfill their orders? 

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