It’s a 911 Date in with Investigators for Muhyiddin

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RM2 Million Bail, New Bossku, TSMY, 911 date
RM2 Million Bail Settled By Muhyiddin To Stay Out of Jail
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The Police confirm that PN chairman Mahiaddin (Muhyiddin) Yassin will be investigated on Sept 11 following his ‘haram fatwa’ speech. The investigation is about his description of the act of voting for PH candidates in the Pulai by-election as illegal or Haram on September 2. So far two police reports have been received regarding this matter. It’s a 911 Date then!

911 Date

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“An appointment to record the conversation under Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code against the chairman of the National Alliance was set for 11 September 2023 at his office in the MIDA Building, KL Sentral by the Classified Crime Investigation Unit (D5), Criminal Investigation Department,” says the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Datuk Seri Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain in a statement.

Kluster Mahkamah, Bersatu Accounts, tax exemptions, RM640k muhyiddin yassin, anwar, ACQUITS Muhyiddin Abah, 911 date
Kluster Mahkamah Bersatu Muhyiddin – photo: LM patch – Wikipedia

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