King Charles III Now Leading The Way For SUSTAINABLE Fashion By REPAIRING His Old Clothes 

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King Charles III
Image of King Charles III from Wikipedia.

When it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry, most of us tend to shop from fast fashion brands and dispose of our clothes within a year. However, the rise of sustainable fashion is helping many to be more conscious towards their choices. King Charles III is the best example when it comes to sustainable fashion. 

King Charles III leading the fashion industry into a sustainable and reusable one 

It appears that King Charles III is being used to promote reusable and fixable fashion. The term, buy less, buy better and buy reused are echoed down from environmentalists. Some are questioning how the King’s repaired items made their way back to his closet as he is quite literally the King of England. 

However, users who are knowledgeable towards British culture state that it is how the British operate. If one buys new items frequently, they will be seen as new money. If one inherits their items, even if it’s old and worn out, they would be seen as “classier” and old money. 

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King Charles III
Image of King Charles III from Wikipedia.

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