Uproar After Woman Brings Dog to Mamak Restaurant

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image via Bukit Sentosa/Beruntung Resident (Facebook)

A woman recently caused an uproar when she brought her pet dog to a local mamak restaurant to a Mamak restaurant getting the owner to resort to Facebook to explain the situation. Tahir Salam says initially, another woman had entered the restaurant and placed her order. However, she was later joined by the woman who brought her pet to the restaurant. She also made the animal sit on a chair at the table she was occupying.


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As soon as the workers spotted the pet in the eatery they approached the woman about the pet and she immediately left the restaurant. “This is not America. One should not bring their pets to restaurants as they wish,” said one Facebook user in the comments section. Another Facebook user agreed, saying, “It’s not appropriate to bring any kind of animals, not just dogs, into the restaurant.” Islam does not allow canines as pets but it does not forbid non-Muslims to have them as pets. However, it is not allowed to bring them to Muslim eateries.

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