Netizens Now Curious Why CATS Are “SCARED” Of Small Children By Never Scratching Them 

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Image screen shotted from X user @ulat_bulu_bulu

Typically, cats can at times be merciless to adult humans. They would scratch or bite you if you annoy them too much. However, netizens are observing that these feline animals tend to be very gentle when they’re around small children. Some are asking as to why they are able to do as such. 

Cats are scared of small children? 

A netizen states that this could be the natural instinct for cats. They tend to be softer towards babies. However, the netizen adds that if their cats hear a small child coming, they will definitely run away as fast as possible. The ones that are caught by the child would just stay quiet and accept its fate. 

Others state that felines are able to tell the difference between an adult or a child. However, this is not relative to all cats as there will be some who will scratch a child no matter the case. Regardless, these animals are always warming the hearts of netizens on social media. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @ulat_bulu_bulu

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