New: Conservative Netizens Now Calling MRT “Woke Feminists” For Having WOMEN’s ONLY Coaches 

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Image screen shotted from X page @askrapidkl

The safety of women traveling in Malaysia can be quite daunting with men that would try to harass them. Recently, there was a case where a woman was assaulted at an LRT station. However some conservative netizens disagree with MRTs having women’s only coaches as they feel it’s a feminist agenda. 

Is making female only coaches making the MRT “Woke Feminists” 

However, others state that it’s 2023 and women are still unsafe when they are out and about in Kuala Lumpur. X users state that this is more of a safety precaution rather than a feminist agenda. A majority of X users seem to agree that the MRT should have dedicated female areas. 

Others are reminding the conservative netizen regarding the attack on an innocent woman last month. Furthermore, netizens state that it would be better for these conservatives to just stay put at home and maybe they would be less offended with what they see in the city. 

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Image screen shotted from X page @askrapidkl

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