New: Kelantan Teen Now ARRESTED For Possessing 7 LITERS Of “Air Ketum” 

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Image screen shotted from myhealth.gov

A Kelantan Teen was recently arrested for having over 7 liters worth of “Air Ketum” which is derived from a plant called “Ketum.” However, the plant is a classified narcotic drug and is definitely not legal to be sold out in public. Authorities suspect that the teen was trying to sell the bulk of this substance. 

Netizens not surprised at Kelantan teen for possessing 7 liters of “air ketum”

Netizens are making jokes regarding the entrepreneurship of some of these Kelantanese teens. For a state that consistently voted for PAS with a big majority, many are calling the irony of the rampant drug use that is found in the state. 

In addition to this, netizens state that there are no alcoholic breweries in the state, yet at the same time, numerous teens are arrested for selling drugs in multiple forms. Others joked that these kids are in fact a local business. Regardless, it is clear that the state lacks amenities, but it is rather ironic that drugs are commonly found there. 

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Image screen shotted from myhealth.gov

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