TikTok Influencer’s RM10,050 Rimowa Luggage Bag Now DESTROYED After Flight 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @ninicomei

Recently, a viral TikTok video shows that a RM10,050 Rimowa Luggage bag was destroyed after a flight. Unfortunately for the influencer, the bag was severely dented. Netizens state that a luggage bag shouldn’t be that expensive. Furthermore, if it were to be as expensive, it should not break that easily. 

RM10,050 Rimowa Luggage bag broken after flight 


Rimowa luggage damaged on flight : orang tu cakap sebab letak banyak barang sangat sebab taknak ganti 😭 apa guna beli luggage rimowa 👩‍🦯 | tak recommend beli trunk, go for check in type #rimowatrunk #rimowa #travelwithninicomei #luggagedamaged #saudi

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Unfortunately for Rimowa, to netizens, this seems like an advertisement for Samsonite, as their bags appear more durable. Netizens are shocked at the quality and price. However, others state that the brand does offer a free replacement if it breaks, but the accounts on this vary significantly. 

Some state that in Japan, the baggage handlers will handle designer luggages carefully. This is due to the fact that there are a significant number of Japanese people using these luggage bags. Despite this, it would be best to use designer carry-on bags as it is more manageable for the user in contrast to buying ones that are meant for checking in.

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @ninicomei

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