Did You Get the RM5 Ramli Burgers form the New Vending Machines in Johor

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RM5 Ramli Burgers, IPR success
Ramli Burgers vending machine. Photo TikTok

A vending machine at AEON Taman Universiti Shopping Centre in Johor, Malaysia, is offering hot and ready-to-eat Ramly burgers. For just RM5, customers can choose between a chicken or beef Ramly burger by inputting its menu number into the vending machine. The machine then heats up the selected burger for 30 seconds before dispensing it.

RM5 Ramli Burgers


📍Ramly Burger Vending Machine 🍔AEON taman universiti JB. Macam xpercaya dlm 30second da boleh rasa burger Ramly instant. Siapa yg da lapar sgt tu boleh try vending machine burger ramly ni🥰 Insyaallah kenyang. Sos ada cuma xperfect macam burger biasa. #ramlyburger #ramlyburgervendingmachine #visitjohor #johorfoodie #johorbahru #tamanuniversiti #tamanuniversitijb #utm #burgerinstant #burgerramly #johor #tempatmakanviral #bestvendingmachine #vendingmachineviral #fyp #foryourpage #fypage #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg

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These burgers are simpler than those from traditional Ramly stalls, lacking egg, mayonnaise, cucumbers, or other vegetables, featuring only sauce and the Ramly patty between two buns. Despite the simplicity, one customer rated the vending machine burger 7/10 for taste. RM5 Ramli Burgers anyone?

Siswa, rm5 ramli burgers
The menu rahmah siswa is launched

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