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Victoria's Secret
Image screen grabbed from Doja Cat's official Instagram account.

Pop artist, Doja Cat has been making headlines with her controversial remarks on social media lately. However, her most recent one is raising the eyebrows of netizens on X. She apparently bashed Victoria’s Secret for making their clothes too uncomfortable to wear. 

Doja Cat criticises Victoria’s Secret 

X users state that after Doja Cat dragged the brand, it is clear that they would be doing whatever they can to control the damage made. This is not the first time Victoria’s Secret has gotten into trouble with netizens. Prior to this, Nia Atasha’s collaboration with the brand received scrutiny from Malaysians as well. 

Others complained that the brand’s designs are meant to flatter the body shape of the women wearing it. They add that it isn’t made for comfort as many would like to think so. Some added that the dress’ back is too low with the straps being too thin. 

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Victoria's Secret
Image screen grabbed from Doja Cat’s official Instagram account.

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