Politician Builds Two KM Bridge to Own Farm with Public Funds Now

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It has become public knowledge that politicians in the country have meddled in rural development projects for their own benefit says Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMap) Business and Communication Faculty lecturer Dr Nor’izah Ahmad. She reveals that there were those in politics who abused powers for personal gain and cronies.


“Based on our findings, there is a politician who had used an allocation (for a rural area project) to build a two-kilometre bridge and after checking, our informant said the project was not even needed.
“However, it was being done as the bridge became a connection to (his) farm,” she says when tabling the investigation papers titled ‘The Risk of Corruption in Rural Development Sector.’ She spoke in conjunction with the National Level Governance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Research Conference, Second Edition 2023 at the Movenpick Convention Centre. The report is from Sinar.


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Watch the Twitter videos below to see for yourself

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