Netizens Now PRAISING Leona, Azhar Sulaiman’s Daughter For NOT Being Like MARISSA 

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Image on the left is Leona, on the right is Marissa and her mother.

Previously, Leona, Azhar Sulaiman’s daughter went viral for posting pictures of herself in a bikini. However, netizens are now singing praises for her as they feel she isn’t like Abby Abadi and Norman Hakim’s daughter, Marissa. Apparently, it seems that Marissa allegedly disrupted a married couple’s life. 

Leona receiving praises 

Netizens are stating that Leona isn’t half as problematic as Marissa for what she did. Recently, a viral post on X alleges that Marissa has been going out with a married woman’s man. This caused a huge scandal among the X netizens. They claim that we cannot trust those who appear as religious individuals. 

The woman alleged that Marissa was involved with the woman’s husband. Netizens are rallying support for the woman. Furthermore, netizens state that it would be wiser for individuals to not judge the book by its cover. 

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Image on the left is Leona, on the right is Marissa and her mother.

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