Netizens Now PRAISING Woman Who HELPED Man Revive After Suffering HEART ATTACK On Motor 

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Image screen shotted from X user @MalaysianFoods

Recently a man was suffering from a heart attack while riding his motor. However, a woman came to help revive him from his struggle. Onlookers filmed the whole ordeal and netizens are praising the shero (she+hero) who saved the day. It is a scary thought when a driver or a motor rider suffers from an unexpected heart condition. 

Woman helping reviving man who suffered from heart attack 

Netizens state that the woman is a model example of what a good samaritan should be. She helped an unknown man who was in pain. However, there could be some who would not help as they would either be too shy or scared to brace the consequences of stigma that would land on them. 

Others state that if anyone else notices another person suffering from a heart attack, there are specific spots for you to tap on for better blood flow. Regardless, many are glad that the man is okay and safe now. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @MalaysianFoods

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